About Us

Kookaburra Safes Leading the way to a more security conscious Australia

Over 20 years experience in the Safes and Security Industry


At Kookaburra Safes, we have over 20 years experience in the safes and Security Industry.

The Kookaburra Safes company specialise in commercial safes, deposit safes, digital safes, filing cabinets, domestic safes, in-floor safes, firearm safes, drug safes, records and data safes, Victorian Police Department safes, second-hand safes, and security cabinets.

Whether you are an individual, a small business or a government organisation seeking the highest quality protection and security for small personal valuables to the storage of important business documents, Kookaburra Safes will have a safe or filing cabinet that meets your needs.

Kookaburra Safes is unique in the Australian Security Industry through its manufacturing facility enabling the capability of customisation combined with cutting edge imported technology.

We pride ourselves on our quality innovation and service and our customer service staff are only a phone call away to offer you advice.

Kookaburra Safes are only available through this website. Please phone us with any queries on 1800 637 429.

  • State of the art Touch ‘N OpenTM technology
  • Entry with programmed digital code or by placing a finger on the biometric sensor
  • Programmable up to 10 fingerprint/users
  • Also comes with digital keypad (with illuminated back light display)
  • Master key lock also provided
  • Range of sizes and accessories