Fire Rating Tests

Fire Rating Tests | Kookaburra Safes

One of the industry standards used for testing fire resistant safes is the Japanese Industrial Standard. All Kookaburra Safes products are compliant with JIS S 1037. This standard consists of both a 1-hour and 2-hour testing procedures.

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1 Hour Fire Rating




2 Hour Fire Rating

  1. The Fire Safe is put into a furnace and heated up to 1010C (1850F) over a period of two hours, reaching 927C (1700F) after the first hour.
  2. At the end of two hours the Fire Safe is removed from the furnace and dropped from a height of 4 meters onto a concrete and rubble floor.
  3. The Fire Safe is allowed to cool and then opened. The internal temperature must not have exceeded 177C (350F) and the contents must be completely undamaged by fire and legible.

Note: The internal temperature must not exceed 52C for data cabinets.